NunaTriClub, formed in 1990, is based in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. The club caters for all levels, and training sessions are structured so as to challenge the more advanced competitor, whilst being welcoming to the beginner.

It is great to see all the enthusiasm around the club and I am excited to about the forthcoming season. I can’t wait to see you all around training and to cheer you on at your next race!

New members are always welcome. Give us a call and we'll make it a little easier for you to attend your first training session.

Neil 'Buzz' Taylor Presdient season 2013-14



Memberships 14/15

Nuna Tri Club Memberships are due from 1st July 2014

Welcome to the 2014/15 triathlon season!
Some of you may be aware of the direction around membership that Triathlon Victoria are taking with affiliated clubs. For those that aren't aware, TriVic have now made it a regulation that all club members must now also become members of TriVic. For those that join TriVic each year there is no real change, but for those that don’t, this now means that you will have to pay your club membership of $60 for an adult, plus $120 to become a member of Triathlon Victoria.
Initially the committee considered this a significant impost on members and their families and chose to explore the option of not affiliating with TriVic and self-insuring. Our research showed, that whilst this was possible it was at a significant cost to the club.
Listed below are the membership options and benefits.
OPTION 1General member
Take out full Nuna Tri Club membership + TriVic membership.  Both registrations and payments to be made via the TriVic website - go to  If you chose to compete in TriVic/ TriAus sanctioned events, you won’t need to pay any further one-day license fees.
Cost: $60.00 Club Fee + $120.00 membership + Admin Fee.
Benefits: * $200 Tri Vic membership if you are not a member of an affiliated club. * Personal accident and public liability insurance. * Priority entry and discounts to some races. * Victorian Duathlon series entry only available to members. * Not having to pay one day membership to race.

OPTION 2Social member
This option is for “non-active” members or members that are single discipline that satisfy one of the concessions. We ask that single discipline members (other than those swimming in a pool facility) are members of that discipline’s association.  This would mean that if you join club rides and are not a TV member you are a member of Cycling Victoria.  This has been included as a concession because those associations have insurance coverage and it provides the scope for CV members that wish to train with a tri-club (or where a cycling and tri-club have a relationship for training purposes), the rules do not require you to purchase 2 association memberships.
Cost: $60.00 Club Fee + $5.00 TV Membership + Admin Fee.
Benefits: * Join the Nuna club without the expense of a full TV membership.

"Come and try" for a maximum of 14 continuous days to any club organised activities such as a club event, training ride, swim or run session. Once the 14 day trial period expires you will be required to become a club and association member.
This trial period does not provide membership for competing in sanctioned events.  You will need to purchase a one day membership if you wish to compete in a sanctioned event. For the club and yourself to be insured during these sessions across the 14 days, you must register your involvement on register online.  There will be no fee and this can be done on smart phones or tablets through the active works internet portal.
Cost: $0.00
Benefits: * Participate in training sessions without any financial commitment for a period of 14 days.

If you have any further queries, feel free to get in touch,

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